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For all of your dental diagnostic in and preventative needs contact the dentist on (866) 970 5177 and your needs will be handled professionally.

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The mouth-body connection

The state of your mouth can indicate the problems in other areas of the body and therefore visiting the dentist every six months can help maintain your overall health. At your first visit to the dentist for a comprehensive oral exam, the dentist will review your medical history with you. Knowing if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions can help the dentist in determine if you are prone to oral health problems or may experience a reaction to a particular dental treatment or anesthetic. The medication you take can also make you more prone to developing cavities or periodontal disease. You should not be afraid to tell the dentist if you have experienced anxiety over dental visits in the past so that the dentist can present you with different options for making you comfortable during exams and treatment.

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Visual inspection

A visual inspection helps the dentist spot oral health problems and know the procedure to use to rectify the problem.


The dentist in uses a tool to detect all tooth surfaces and probe them, when the soft tissues are detected early enough the tooth decay may be reversed through a professional fluoride treatment and that is why the dentist advocates for regular check-up appointments.

Jaw and Bite Issues

A misaligned bite can cause a host of problems with your teeth and jaws including pain the jaw joints and teeth grinding. Stress can also cause you to grind your teeth and can lead to jaw problems such as TMJ disorder. At your first comprehensive oral exam with the dentist, how the teeth meet will be evaluated and the jaws checked for the signs of stress and teeth inspection done to determine if further treatment is needed.

Oral Cancer

It affects the lips, throat, head, neck, jaws and other soft tissues inside the mouth. It has a high cure success rate if detected early. Dentist will visually inspect these areas for unusual sores, lumps or rough patches and palpate them to determine if swelling or tenderness is present.

Periodontal Disease

periodontal disease is detected using a dental probe. The dentist will use an instrument to measure the spaces between your gums and teeth to determine if gum disease is there or not. If the gum disease is spotted at its early stages known as gingivitis, the dentist will help reverse the condition with a professional teeth cleaning and will recommend an impeccable at-home oral hygiene routine.

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